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Leadership Conversations.

A New Webinar Series Sponsored By Relevate

“Leadership Conversations,” is a new webinar series sponsored by Relevate. Hosted by Sheila Dodson, CMLX3, RCE. Throughout the series, Sheila sits down with industry trailblazers to unpack the challenges and opportunities facing today’s associations and MLSs. From enhancing member value to inspiring member engagement and volunteer leadership, these conversations aim to arm AE and MLS leadership with the knowledge and tools needed for success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or an aspiring executive, “Leadership Conversations” offers a unique platform to glean insights from the top minds in our field. Take time for yourself to listen, be engaged, and grow.

Join us for the “Leadership Conversations” premiere on May 23rd at 2 PM ET. In the inaugural episode, “Change Leads to Growth,” host Sheila Dodson welcomes Anne Gardner, a visionary leader in the real estate industry for over 25 years, to discuss changes that affect life, business, and our peace of mind. Those who attend will leave feeling inspired that the growth from change makes us stronger.

Anne will share her insights on adapting to change, the importance of proactive leadership, and strategies for ensuring that member organizations survive and thrive in any environment.

Expect a dynamic discussion filled with actionable advice that fosters a culture of resilience and growth. If you’re interested in the broader implications and opportunities of change, “Change Leads to Growth” promises to be an enlightening conversation. Join Sheila and Anne for a Leadership Conversation that could redefine how you approach change in both your professional and personal life.

Episode One: Growth Leads to Change – Click here for your free registration spot! 

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