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Success Story – Carl DeMusz – MLS Now

The Remarkable Journey of Carl DeMusz and MLS Now: A Testament to Vision and Leadership

The real estate industry is a dynamic and fast-paced landscape marked by constant change and the need for innovation. Carl DeMusz, the outgoing CEO of MLS Now, stands as a shining example of this transformative leadership. Over his tenure, he has shaped MLS Now and influenced the broader real estate landscape. We’re honored to have him and the team at MLS Now as long-time client partners. We encourage you to watch the full interview we recently conducted:

An Earned Rise to Prominence

Carl DeMusz’s journey in the real estate industry began in his birthplace, Cape May, New Jersey, where he initially served on the board of directors before ascending to the position of president. His exceptional work earned him the honor of REALTOR® of the Year in 1988. His passion and dedication led him to further heights as he became president of the New Jersey Association of Realtors in 1995, gaining widespread recognition for his contributions. As he mentions in his success story, the MLS is where he found his passion, and after 45 successful years, his impact will be felt for many years to come.

Pioneering Guidance

The most notable aspect of DeMusz’s career has been his tenure at MLS Now. Under his leadership, he pioneered the creation of NEOHREX, the industry’s first shared database between two MLSs. This innovative approach fostered trust and business opportunities, ultimately leading to the merger of NORMLS and CRIS MLS, creating Ohio’s largest MLS and serving approximately 14,500 customers. Helping with the merger is one of Relevate’s milestone moments.

Servant Leadership

A servant-leader philosophy has always characterized Carl’s approach to leadership. He has been actively involved in various industry leadership positions, consistently contributing his expertise and insights. His work with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and appointments to numerous committees and task forces over the years highlight his commitment to the industry.

Progressive Thinking

One of DeMusz’s key strengths has been his progressive, pragmatic thinking. He was instrumental in rebranding MLS Now, reflecting its members’ focus on immediate action and readiness for the future. His ability to foresee and adapt to changes in the industry has been crucial in keeping MLS Now at the forefront, especially in an era marked by rapid advancements and evolving market challenges. Relevate’s agile approach to our partnership with MLS Now has helped shape an ethos with all our clients that stands alone in the AMS and SSO space.

A Legacy of Success

Carl DeMusz’s leadership journey is more than a story of professional achievement; it’s a narrative about passion, vision, and relentless commitment to the real estate industry. As he steps down from his role at MLS Now, he leaves behind a legacy of excellence and a blueprint for future leaders to aspire to. His contributions have set a high standard for leadership in the industry, marked by innovation, strategic thinking, and a deep commitment to serving the real estate community as a whole.

As MLS Now embarks on the journey to find its next leader, the impact of DeMusz’s tenure will undoubtedly serve as a guiding light, inspiring future leaders to continue the path of innovation and excellence he has set forth. We’re honored to have been a part of that journey. Team Relevate wishes all the best for the next chapter of Carl’s journey. We hope he has the chance to do everything sacrificed to help move the industry forward. We can’t wait to see the Facebook posts from Ireland, Scotland, the Grand Canyon, and Montana!

Godspeed, Carl; Team Relevate wishes you the best of a well-earned retirement.

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